Scalloped Edge Charms


Vintage 1950’s - 1970’s Round & Scalloped Edge Bracelet Charms collection of scalloped edge and round charms depict scenes of animals, fairy tale characters and travel locations. Vintage Scalloped edge charms look great with enamel travel shield charms and 3D silver travel charms!

Scalloped Edge Enameled Charms were made in the 1950’s-1970’s by the REU Co. in Germany. (Manufactured until 1976) Most of the 50’s-60’s enamel charms were hand painted and you can see variations in the painting if you compare the same design side by side. In the late 70’s they started stamping the paint on resulting in a brighter and more solid color versus the “watercolor" look of the hand painted ones. Both types are fairly rare and highly collectible today and look great mixed in with enamel shield charms on travel charm bracelets. We purchased the "New Old Stock” that sat in storage at the charm factory in Germany for 50 years, and we also sell charms from a personal collection amassed from all over the world for the past 25 years. This collection of scalloped edge charms and round disk charms include themes of European and World travel locations and tourist attractions, Fairy Tales, Animals, Sea Life, Sororities and United States State Seals. 

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Item Specifics:

Metal: Typically 800 Silver or Sterling Silver (and some are not marked, see product details for charm specifics)

Charm Type: Scalloped Edge Charm

Material: Enamel on Silver

Condition: Vintage New Old Stock

Weight: 2 Grams

Dimensions: 11/12"

Time Period: 1950 - 1976

Scalloped Edge Charms

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